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Why Choose Us?

Riverina Spices are a family business who have been passionate about spices and cooking since 2011.They have adapted their restaurant and family recipes together with recipes originating from India which were used to entertain Royalty.They have made it so easy for you to prepare and cook these delicious dishes at home.All their blended spices have easy to follow recipes, and only pantry items (plus meat or vegetables) are required


Riverina Spices use no artificial colours, no preservatives, no fillers and no added MSG. Our importers are accredited with ISO 9002 and HACCP certification and are AQUIS approved for import and export.Riverina Spices back all this up with their money back guarantee.

About Us

Concerned about the many spice products hitting the supermarket shelves full of preservatives Nigel Smith decided to launch Riverina Spices in 2011.

All our spice blends are 100% pure spice and contain no artificial colourings,MSG or fillers (eg flour and cornstarch.)

Each blend has an easy to follow recipe and each 80g pack will make 2-3 servings (8-12 people)


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